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I await your kind response as soon as possible; Yours sincerely, Adika Akwasi,
14.11.2017 19:21
Chris Kimani
My name is Chris Kimani and am the business development manager at kanito mines dealing with raw gold nuggets and gold bars in Kenya. Our supply...
08.11.2017 17:44

smalto watch display
06.11.2017 17:03

Email ……. Skype ……..chemical.yes We provide and export high quality research chemicals in large and small...
12.10.2017 00:13

Fubamb,Fub-amb,FUB,mmbc powder 99.7% purity CAS NO.: 1445583-51-6 Skype& Email:
08.09.2017 08:33
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Maxim Medvedev, Room 99821
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Maxim Medvedev     29 years

Last visit: 08.02.2016 12:32
Leo Leo
Gender: Man
Lives in: Omsk, Russian Federation
Languages: English, Русский
My Companies: EDS Group
About me
An important activity is the development and production of innovative energy equipment, engineering of the Autonomous power supply system with the use of both alternative and traditional energy sources. Today, innovative developments of our company has allowed us to develop the serial production of a number of energy equipment: - Vertical-axis wind turbines "Sokol Air Vertical" power from 0.5 to 15 kW. - Vertical-axis wind turbines "Falkon Euro" power from 1 to 20 kW. - Wind turbines "?ondor Air" from 20 to 60 kW. Solar trackers of the series "Energy Track" (tracking the sun). - Autonomous street lights "Ecolighter" (use solar and wind energy). The companies included in the group of companies "EDS Group" perform projects of any complexity in energy, and produce a complete set of objects third party equipment: wind turbines with a capacity from 250 kW to 3 MW from leading manufacturers, reconstructed (restored) wind turbines, uninterruptible power supplies, batteries, inverters, controllers, voltage stabilizers, diesel and gas generators, mini power stations, solar modules, solar trackers, solar collectors, led and plasma fixtures, heating equipment, etc.

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