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Insulation Jacket

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Category: Construction - Other Building Materials
Country: China
Contact name: Brian Bai
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Company: Tianjin Haimen Building Materials Co.,ltd
In the industry of petrol, chemical, the repair of fittings and equipments need to remove the insulation again and again. For meeting the need , our company developed a new product - Three-protection insulation cover, and it is awarded the Utility Models patent by the State Intellectual Property Bureau. Insulation Jacket can be ordered according to the special shape of equipment from clients. Insulation Jacket has performance of insulation, anticorrosive, moistureproof, it is easy to be installed and can be used time and again.

The structure of the insulation jacket
1. Inside liner
Service temperature: ≤1000 ℃
Special conditions, can add anti-corrosion layer, like stainless steel wire mesh.
2. Insulation Layer
Heat preservation
common layers including fiberglass needled mat, ceramic wool.
3. Protection layer
Fastures: Waterproof, grease proofing, stain resistant, weatherable aging

Insulation Jacket for Metallurgical industry Classification
Our insulation jacket have two types: one us normal type (HMBWⅠ); the other is high-temperature type (HMBWⅡ )
1. Normal type is composed of protection cloth with two-side coating and ceramic wool blanket, the max usage temperature is 120 ℃ .
2. High-temperature type is composed of fiber-glass needle blanket, glass fiber cloth and stainless steel wire net, the max usage temperature is 500 ℃.

Insulation Jacket for industry Application
The application of removable insulation jacket
1. Petroleum and petrochemical
2. Shipping industry
3. Engineering machinery
4. Food and medicine
5. Aerospace
6. Electric power engineering
7. Metallurgical industry
Properties Value
Service temperature, ℃ 0-1000
Thickness, mm 10-200
Density, kg/m³ 100-128
Thermal conductivity, W/(m. K) 0.035-0.045
Heat shrinkage (600℃x2H), % ≤1
Compression resilience ,% 70
Hydrophobic ,% ≥98

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