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Wholesale nice quality portable Handheld welding laser machine

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Metal Processing Machinery
Country: China
Contact name: Elyn Wu
Contact E-mail: view
Company: Wuxi Qiaolian CNC Welding & Cutting Machine Co.,LTD
Wholesale nice quality portable Handheld welding laser machine
The system is mainly composed of a laser unit and a welding unit.Hand-held welding, taking into account the flexibility, high efficiency and high weld quality of laser welding.Modular design and layout of the overall equipment, beautiful and easy to maintain and debug.High system flexibility, compatible with a wide range of models, and short changeover times;
China Handheld Laser Welding Machine:Wuxi Qiaolian CNC Welding&Cutting Machine Co.,Ltd is a branch of Qiaolian Group, professional in CNC machine R&D, production, especially for high precision machine like fiber laser cutting machine, HD plasma cutting machine, Robot welding machine....etc. Our reputation in this field is long-life of machine, more and more old customers come back for new business after used our machine for some years, as they have seen the stability of our machine same as Germany, USA brand.
Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine Product Description
Equipment model QL-S500W QL-S1000W QL-S1500W QL-S2000W
Rated output power 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W
Power adjustment range 500W±2% 1000W±2% 1500W±2% 2000W±2%
Laser type Continuous fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1070nm
FM 0~5Khz
Spot diameter 5~7mm
Welding speed range 1~120mm/s
Welding gap requirements ≤0.5mm
Wire width ≤4mm ≤5mm
Welding thickness 1﹤1.2mm stainless steel ﹤2.5mmstainless steel ﹤4mm stainless steel  ﹤5mm stainless steel
﹤0.8mm Carbon steel ﹤1.5mm Carbon steel ﹤2.5mm Carbon steel ﹤3.5mm Carbon steel
﹤1mmaluminum ﹤2mm aluminum ﹤3mm aluminum
Beam quality M²﹤1.1 M²﹤1.15 M²﹤1.2 M²﹤1.2
Output fiber length Standard 10m / customizable lengthening
Fiber bending radius 100mm
Way of working Continuous CW/modulation
Working environment temperature range 15~35°C/<70% without condensation
Weld head operating mode Normal / hand-held swing welding mode
Power Consumption of the Whole Machine 4KW 6KW 9KW 12KW
Cooling mode Built-in chiller External chiller
Power requirements AC220V±10%/50Hz/40A Three-phaseAC380V±10%/50Hz/40A

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