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Integrated Inverter

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Category: Electronic Components - Power Supply
Country: China
Contact name: Benson GAO
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Company: Hebei Ecube New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Integrated Inverter
 Multi-functional PCS is a key device to control the bidirectional energy transfer between DC energy storage battery and AC power grid. The equipment can switch charging and discharging working modes according to the power grid state or program setting. However, when the power grid fails and the microgrid is isolated, it can play an emergency independent inversion role in the microgrid, adjust the voltage and frequency of the microgrid, and ensure the stability of power supply for key loads. The multifunctional energy storage converter has the functions of peak cut, stabilizing the fluctuation of new energy output, providing emergency power supply, etc. It is an important component of smart grid construction and microgrid operation.
 The multifunctional PCS can be deeply customized according to customer requirements. Access to pv, add pv control module, STS and off-grid switch, boost transformer, etc.
PV control module: the maximum power point tracking technology is used to extract the maximum power from the PV array to ensure the maximum utilization rate of solar energy. At the same time, a DC/DC module is built in, which can adjust the PV DC voltage so that it can be connected in parallel with the battery to charge the battery or output on the AC side through inversion.
 STS(on/off Grid Swich)With modular design, it can realize fast switching in 10ms of off-grid state, can protect important loads such as servers from power failure, and realize automatic operation of energy storage power station without duty.
Multi-functional PCS
 Multifunctional Inverter 
 Multifunctional Converter
 Integrated Inverter
 Integrated Converter
 Integrated PCS

 It has bi-directional converter to charge and discharge the energy storage battery.
 Modular configuration, easy transportation, easy expansion and easy maintenance
 Automatic adaptation of various batteries and charging and discharging modes
 Support multi-channel DC input, eliminate circulation
 Support seamless handover from and off the network with handover time < 10ms
  Meet smart grid design specifications and accept grid dispatching.
  Energy scheduling is controllable, and active and reactive power can be independently adjusted.
 With low voltage across, island detection, black start and other leading functions
 100% Unbalanced Load Capacity, Strong Impact Load Resistance
 Support all-round customization
  It is suitable for harsh environment at high altitude and can operate continuously and reliably for a long time.

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