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KOBURA solid tire is a leading sub-brand of \'Jiangsu Juneng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.\' which is a joint venture with foreign company. The...
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We package in Secured vacuum-sealed thus, very discreet 100%. STEALTH DELIVERY & Cryptocurrency payments only 
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Automobile Service Centre is a complete car care centre offering professional Car Service to our customers across Dandenong and nearby suburbs. We...
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Grain& Cereal Pre-Treatment Equipment

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Food Machinery
Country: China
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Grain& Cereal Pre-Treatment Equipment
Cerel Pre-Treatment Equipment Supplier
Stainless Steel Grain Pretreatment Equipment
In history, grain&cereal which are used for making alcohol are usually handled in cement pool or ceramic barrel, Prettech make new design&technology since 1990s to make the handling process in stainless steel vessel, it’s sanitary,save floor&labor, and do mass production. The vessels mainly include grain steeping barrel, grain steaming kettle, screwing system, grain cooling bed,all of these vessels are heavy duty made by high quality stainless steel.

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