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Kitchen cleaning powder safe and effective Range Hood cleaner powder

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Action: offer
Category: Chemicals - Daily Chemicals
Country: China
Contact name: weibing Wang
Contact E-mail: view
Company: Handan city sida detergent factory
Kitchen cleaning powder safe and effective Range Hood cleaner powder
Product Description
Type:Detergent                                               Detergent Type:Cleaner
Detergent Use:  Kitchen                                  Shape:Powder
Feature:Disposable, Eco-Friendly                   Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand Name:Sida                                            Model Number:250g
Use: kitchen cleaning                                      Function: Remove Stains
Services:OEM                                                   Origin: Hebei china supplier
Oil Removal Cleaner:The decontaminate effect is great excellent, it can deal with any grease,stubborn stains,and good smelling,kind to hand.
We provide you with  best quality and  the favorite price. Welcome to inquiry
Strong removes stubborn greases from kitchen utensils, like dishes, pots, pans, range hood ,etc.
The scale is harmful, and the descaling and replacement health
Stubborn Stains Removal Cleaner Features:
This product uses active oxygen factor, mild and non-irritating and does not hurt the hand. It is suitable for refrigerator interior, pot lid, cooktop, oil pan, oil rag, oil brush, oil plate stain, bathroom glue stain and so on. This product is safe to use, harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly.
Oem Kitchen Cleaner Powder Instructions:
Put the product and the rag in the basin at the same time, pour hot water (this will release a lot of gas, which is a normal phenomenon), and then use a rag to clean the glue stain on the kitchen utensils. 2. Key adhesive stains, can be directly rubbed with this product with a semi-dry cloth. Adhesive stains on the ground can be directly sprinkled on the product, then rinse off with hot water. 3. If there is any sticky stain on the sewer, you can pour the product into it and then use boiling water for about 1 hour to dredge.
Handan sida detergent factory has been engaged in household washing products for 20 years since 1996.The main business livelihood inseparable from the daily chemical products, the product range covers "fabric washing, protection, elimination,Household cleaning, fresh air, hair care, "Eco-Friendly Detergent, 360 Detergent Scale, kitchen cleaning powder, Oil removal clean powder, Stubborn Stains Removal Cleaner, High Foam Washing Powder, Biological Washing Powder, Oem Cleaning Paste, Xiaoqiang's Father Cleaning Paste.

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