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Dr Wicron Melbourne
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Halogen Heat Lamp

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Category: Lights & Lighting - Lighting Accessories
Country: China
Contact name: ryan Zhou
Contact E-mail: view
Company: Nanjing Risen Electronic Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd
Halogen Heat Lamp
Tungsten twin tube emitters Tungsten single tube emitter
Power 80w / cm 20w / cm
Max heater length 3000 mm 2000 mm
Cross-Section 11x23mm / 15x33mm 10mm /12mm
Filament Temperature 1400-1800℃ 800-900℃
Wavelength >1.4um 2.4-2.7 um
Max Power density 150 kw/㎡ 60 kw/㎡
Response time 1-2 seconds 1 MIn
Service life 5000 hours 5000-8000 hours
Established in 2009, Nanjing Risen Electronic Light Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of infrared heating tubes, carbon infrared heating lamps, reflector heating lamps, Gold plating infrared heating lamps, Medium wave infrared heater, ruby infrared emitters, and all accessories. Furthermore, we have our own infrared heating development team, all our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure excellent performance.
Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp Advantages
1. Suitable for zone control
2. High quality quartz glass tube
3. No emissions or noise
4. Directional heating - heats objects not air.
5. Dimmable for heat to match your needs.
6. No preheating giving efficient heating.
7. Ease of installation
Compared to Previous emitter, the new IR lamps are made of opaque quartz glass. The Quartz is excellent resistance to heat and acids object.
Risen infrared emitters continue to evolve. A new development emitters that can help to precisely sharp the contouring of products. In this way, The heat can be Irradiated directly to the every corners - An ideal choice for 3D plastic products welding.
Hot Sale Halogen Infrared Lamp
Application Area:
- Health care & heating apparatus
- Drying equipment, painting drying.
- Cooking device
- Medical equipment
- Fry & baking equipment
- Brewage & fermentation installation
- Sterilizing device

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