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Dr Wicron Melbourne
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Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Hetaer

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Category: Lights & Lighting - Lighting Accessories
Country: China
Contact name: ryan Zhou
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Company: Nanjing Risen Electronic Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd
Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Hetaer
Technical Parameter
Technical data Medium-wave twin tube infrared lamp Short-wave twin tube IR lamps
Power 20 / 25 W/cm < 200 W/cm
Max. heated length 2000 / 3000 mm 6400 / 2400 mm
Diameter 23 x 11 / 33 x 15 mm 35 x 15 / 23 x 11 mm
Filament temperature 800°C - 950°C 1800°C - 2400°C
Wavelength 2.4 - 2.7 µm 1.0 - 1.4 µm
Max. power density 60 kW/m2 200 kW/m2
Response time 1 - 4 min 2 seconds
Service life 5000 hours 5000 hours
Established in 2009, Nanjing Risen Electronic Light Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of infrared heating tubes, carbon infrared heating lamps, reflector heating lamps, Gold plating infrared heating lamps, Medium wave infrared heater, ruby infrared emitters, and all accessories. Furthermore, we have our own infrared heating development team, all our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure excellent performance.
Short Wave Infrared Heter Advantage
Double tube Design
The unique double tube design has excellent mechanical stability and good radiation capacity and, we can customize the quartz tube and filament to meet your requirements. The Max length can reach 3 meters.
Good Quality Quartz Tube
We can customize the tube according to your requirement,  Special sharp all available. The Raw materials Quartz are filtered and finely processed. Quartz glass is very pure, with excellent thermal stability and transmission.
Gold reflector
Risen Gold coating IR lamps can Provide directional heating to the object. The gold reflector on the IR lamps reflects Infrared radiation. It nearly provide double the effective radiation - a good choice to improve the heating efficiency.
Energy-saving principle of short wave infrared heat lamp:
The short wave infrared lamp Produce multiple reflections when passing through the quartz tube. It has excellent far infrared radiation characteristics. If there is a gold-plated reflective layer, the effect is better, and the power saving can reach 35%.
Infrared heating lamp performance:
Infrared heating tube does not use paint outside, no filling inside, stable radiation rate, no deformation at high temperature, no harmful radiation, no environmental pollution, strong anti-corrosion ability, good chemical stability, small thermal penetration, high heat conversion rate, long-term Use, do not degenerate the true color.
Cause of the heating filament with higher temperature, the Radiant density of the short wave infrared lamp is In most instances higher than the Radiant density of the medium wave infrared lamp.

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