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Gold Reflector Carbon Infrared Heater

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Category: Lights & Lighting - Lighting Accessories
Country: China
Contact name: ryan Zhou
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Company: Nanjing Risen Electronic Lighting Tech Co.,Ltd
Gold Reflector Carbon Infrared Heater
Established in 2009, Nanjing Risen Electronic Light Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of infrared heating tubes, carbon infrared heating lamps, reflector heating lamps, Gold plating infrared heating lamps, Medium wave infrared heater, ruby infrared emitters, and all accessories. Furthermore, we have our own infrared heating development team, all our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure excellent performance.
Product Details
Carbon twin tube emitters Carbon single tube emitter
Power 60w / cm 30w / cm
Max heater length 3000 mm 2000 mm
Cross-Section 11x23mm / 15x33mm 10mm /12mm/15mm/18mm
Filament Temperature 1200 ℃ 1200 ℃
Wavelength 2-9.5 um 4.9-9.5 um
Max Power density 110 kw/㎡ 85 kw/㎡
Response time 1-2 seconds 1-2 seconds
Service life 5000 H 5000 hours

Reflector Carbon Infrared Heater Advantages
1. Best Directional heating radiation.
2. Fast response 1-2 seconds response time.
3. Good quality quartz tube with superior thermal stability
4. Excellent heating efficiency.
5. Ceramic end cap.
6. We can customize them for you, from 200w-6000w / 120v-480v.

When using infrared heater with reflectors, The heating process are running more steady and more efficiently. The Reflectors Provide directional IR radiation. The reflective coating consists of a high-purity quartz, ceramic material and some of fine gold, which is coated on the surface of The quartz tubes. therefore, the emitter has better performance in small working space. The quartz heaters is good resistant to heat, acid and corrode. As a result, The emitter with this refelctive coating can be used many extrem conditions.
The new Risen carbon infrared heater has a heating length starting from 50mm to 3000mm and is suitable for being a separate heating process. These new emitters are particularly suitable for curing small parts, drying painting, plastics welding, or for The areas where local heating is required. According to the customer's requirement, we can customize the carbon infrared heater as twin tube or single tube with gold reflective coating .
The carbon infrared heater can be used in Horizontal and vertical, with Energy-saving heating process and Fast response time. wavelength: up to 2.2 μm.

A wide range of Stability Carbon Infrared Heater applications
Printing industry: glue and ink drying, curing;
Glass industry: glass annealing and drying;
Packaging industry: PET blowing bottles, film;
Shoe industry: glue activation dry;
Furniture industry: fast drying;
Rubber industry: plastic softening, molding and cable production;
Photovoltaic industry: sintering, substrate drying, spray preheating;
Automotive Industry: Complete Car Painting Drying and Local Paint Repair;
Textile industry: fabric preheating, drying, pressing and adhesive activation;

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