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FRP Spray Pipe

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Category: Construction - Other Building Materials
Country: China
Contact name: Wei Wang
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Company: Hebei Wei Tong glass steel Co., Ltd.
FRP Spray Pipe
Hebei Weitong FRP Co., Ltd. is a first-class fiberglass manufacturing and marketing enterprise in China, which is specialized in FRP Pipe, FRP Desulfurization Tower, FRP Mold, FRP Chimney, FRP Grating, FRP Storage Tank, FRP Corrosion Protection, FRP Groove and Boxes, FRP Septic Tank, FRP Bridge Support, FRP Cable Tray, FRP Fan, GRE Pipe System.
FRP Spray Pipe( FRP sprinkler pipe) has many advantages such as strong corrosion resistance, smooth inner surface, low energy consumption, long service life, convenient transportation and installation, no maintenance and low overall cost in petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, etc. Urban water supply and drainage, factory sewage treatment, seawater desalination, gas transportation and other industries have achieved wide application. The FRP sprinkler pipe is made of resin and glass fiber and is made by special techniques.
The FRP slurry spray pipe is usually manufactured by segmentation and sub-assembly during the manufacturing process for easy transportation. When installed on site, the winding and bonding process is used to connect the parts. At present, the connection between the slurry nozzle and the FRP spray pipe is basically changed from the previous flange connection to the winding bonding process.
The winding and bonding process has the advantages of high joint strength, low leakage, simple process, convenient construction and low cost. The specific dimensions of the glass fiber surface felt can be determined based on the actual pressure and diameter. Due to the high thermal expansion rate of FRP, it is required to measure, cut, assemble and bond at the same ambient temperature during construction. Pre-prepared glass fiber reinforced materials, resin mortar, sheet resin, surface resin and contact agent are required.
The outer surface structure of the winding part should be consistent with the outer surface of the pipe to ensure that the performance of the winding part is consistent with the overall performance of the pipe. In addition, in order to prevent the slurry from corroding the butt end face of the pipe, the butt joint needs to be filled with resin mortar, and the resin used for arranging the cement is required to be consistent with the pipe resin. The outermost layer can be waxed if necessary to prevent air from entering and slitting (cracking).
3.1 The winding layer structure is divided into three parts from the outside and inside:
3.11 Wear resistant layer: The part belongs to the outermost structure of the wound layer, and is composed of a glass fiber surface felt, a resin and a wear-resistant filler, and is mainly used for corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The layer of glass fiber surface felt: resin: wear resistant filler: 1:57:38 (mass ratio), thickness of about 0.5 mm.
3.12 Anti-corrosion layer: This part is composed of a resin-rich layer and an intermediate layer. It is composed of glass fiber surface felt and resin to form the highest corrosion resistance and is under the wear-resistant layer. The resin-rich layer resin content is greater than 90%, the thickness is about 0.5 mm; the intermediate layer resin content is 70% to 80%, and the thickness is about 2.0 mm.
3.13 Reinforcement layer: This part is directly wound on the outer wall of the pipe. It is mainly designed to withstand the load under pressure and other conditions. The thickness is calculated according to the load condition according to formula (1). The resin content of the layer is 30% to 40%, and is composed of glass fiber, chopped fiber mat, and resin.
Before installation, dig a groove at the pipe joint position corresponding to the foundation so that the bottom of the whole pipe body is placed on the undisturbed soil or sand cushion layer and evenly stressed. FRP spray pipes can be transported with lower cost in transportation, fuel consumption and other expenses saving.
When installing, the medium and small diameter FRP spray pipes generally do not need heavy machinery, and some can even be manually transported to improve the installation speed.
After long-term use, the sludge in the pipe and the solidification of the rust will cause the original pipe diameter to become smaller, and the smooth discharge of the maximum discharge flow cannot be satisfied. The sediment at the bottom of the pipe always raises the downstream of the drainage pipe, causing the slope of the pipeline to decrease. The flow rate is gentle, the blockage of the FRP sprinkler pipe is multiplied, and the blow down function is interrupted at any time. Therefore, regular maintenance is required.

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