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DK77100 CNC electric spark wire cutting machine tool(super machine tool)

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Metal Processing Machinery
Country: China
Contact name: Mandy Chan
Contact E-mail: view
DK77100 CNC electric spark wire cutting machine tool(super machine tool)
automatic protection CNC Machine Tool Description
Type Unit DK77100
Worktable Size (W*L) mm 1100×1500
X,Y-axis trip(Y×X) mm 1000×1200
U,V-axis trip(U×V) mm 70×70
Max load weight kg 3000
Max linear cutting thickness mm 1000
Machined taper/work piece thickness 12°/80mm
Z-axis elevation mode Manual/electric elevation
Type of guide track Slide guide
Electrode wire diameter range  mm Ф0.15~0.20mm
Wire speed of auto power off CNC Machine Tool m/sec 1~11.4m/sec 7 frequency conversion adjustable
Machining accuracy mm ≤0.015
Max cutting efficiency mm²/min ≥120
Optimum surface roughness um Ra≤2.5
Control mode X, Y, U, V stepper motor
Number of control axis Four-axis linkage
Min instruction unit mm 0.001
Power supply 380VAC/50HZ Three-phase four-wire 380VAC/50HZ 
Max operating current of 4-axis linkage CNC machine tool A 12
Machine tool power consumption kw <2
Working fluid DX-1 DX-4 Nanguang-1
Working fluid tank volume L 55
Work liquid filtrate way Strainer
Host weight kg 5000
Host outline size mm 3000×2800×2500

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