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Nylon Conveyor Belt

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Mechanical Parts
Country: China
Contact name: Gavin
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Company: Hebei Hengguang Conveying Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
As the biggest China conveyor Manufacturer, We can supply kinds of high quality Nylon Conveyor Belt, welcome to consult us!
NN EP canvas conveyer belt used in very low temperature has the characteristic of cold-resisting, can be used under a circumstance of -40°C and can not break.
Application: suitable for conveying materials outdoors in freezing area, cold storage, etc. 
Technical index of NN EP canvas conveyer belt used in very low temperature: 
1. NN EP canvas conveyer belt used in very low temperature can be divided into three types, according to the properties of cover: laceration resistant type(H),abrasion resistant type(D) and ordinary type(L). 
2. According to the different cold resistant, it can be divided working temperature: from -45 to 50 degree into two types of C1 and C2-Working temperature: from -45 to 50 degree. 
NN EP canvas conveyer belt used in very low temperature: 
The physical performances of cover rubber:
Item Index
Tensile strength, Mpa≥ 24.0 18.0 15.0
Elongation at break, %≥ 450 400 350
Aging test (70°C.7d)
Change rate of the tensile strength, % ±25 ±25 ±25
Change rate of the elongation at break, % ±25 ±25 ±25
Abrasion value, mm³≤ 120 100 200
Cold resistant coefficient at elongate, ≥ C1(-45°C) 0.3
C2(-50°C) 0.2
Remarks: H-laceration resistant type D-abrasion resistant type L-ordinary type

Parameter datas of NN EP canvas conveyer belt used in very low temperature: 
carcass material fabric type single fabric thickness single fabric strength Number of fabric piles Cover rubber thickness belt width belt length
(mm/ply) (N/mm) (mm) (mm) (m)
upper bottom
Cotton Canvas (CC) CC-56 1.10 56 2-10 2.0-8.0 0-4.5 400-2500 ≤400
Polyester Cotton (TC) TC-70 1.00 70 2-10 1.5-8.0 0-4.5 400-2500 ≤400
Nylon (NN) NN100 0.75 100 2-10 1.5-8.0 0-4.5 400-2500 ≤400
NN150 0.80 150
NN200 0.90 200 500-2500
NN250 1.15 250
NN300 1.25 300 2-6
NN400 1.45 400 800-2500
NN500 1.55 500
Polyester (EP) EP100 0.80 100 2-10 1.5-8.0 0-4.5 400-2500 ≤400
EP125 0.85 120
EP150 0.90 150
EP200 1.05 200 500-2500
EP250 1.25 250
EP300 1.35 300 2-6
EP350 1.50 350 600-2500
EP400 1.80 400
EP500 2.00 500

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