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Grade HY Sucker Rod

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Mechanical Parts
Country: China
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If you have any question on Grade Hy Sucker Rod and Api Solid Sucker Rods. We will give the professional answers to your short questions.
Grade HY SucGrade HY Sucker Rod is a high strength sucker rod, and is mainly used in deep well,the surface hardened layer has a stable martensite strip structure, high tensile strength,It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good wear resistance, high torsion strength and long service life.
Grade HY Sucker Rod Specification
Sucker Rod Nominal Value Φ16(5/8") Φ19(3/4") Φ22(7/8") Φ25(1") Φ29(11/8")
Rod Body Diameter 15.88+0.18-0.36
(0.625+0.007-0.014) 19.05+0.20-0.41
(0.750+0.008-0.016) 22.23+0.20-0.41
(0.875+0.008-0.016) 25.40+0.23-0.46
(1.000+0.009-0.018) 28.58+0.25-0.51
Outer Diameter Of External Thread Shoulder 31.8+0.13-0.25
(1.250+0.005-0.010) 38.1+0.13-0.25
(1.500+0.005-0.010) 41.3+0.13-0.25
(1.625+0.005-0.010) 50.8+0.13-0.25
(2.000+0.005-0.010) 57.2+0.13-0.25
Wrench Width
±0.8(±0.031) 22.2(0.875) 25.4(1.000) 25.4(1.000) 33.3(1.313) 38.1(1.500)
Wrench Length 31.8(1.250) 31.8(1.250) 31.8(1.250) 38.1(1.500) 41.3(1.625)

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