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renewable power system
power generation
Advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic power generation shared by photovoltaic system design company.
Advantages of photovoltaic power generation:
Conventional energy sources are limited, both in the world and in China. China's primary energy reserves are well below the world average, at about 10% of the world's total. Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source, which has the advantages of sufficient cleanliness, absolute security, relative universality, long life and maintenance free, abundant resources and potential economy, etc., and plays an important role in the long-term energy strategy.
Compared with conventional thermal power generation systems, photovoltaic power generation by renewable power generation facilities has the following advantages:
(1) no risk of depletion;
(2) safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emissions, absolutely clean (no pollution);
(3) not limited by the distribution of resources, can use the advantage of building roof; For example, areas without electricity, and areas with complex topography;
(4) local power generation and supply without the consumption of fuel and transmission lines;
(5) high energy quality;
(6)Users are emotionally receptive;
(7) build cycle is short, the time that obtains energy is short.
Disadvantages of photovoltaic power generation:
However, renewable power system installation company shares that the production of solar panels is characterized by high pollution and high energy consumption. Under the current conditions, it is not reasonable to produce domestic panels. However, a large number of exports equals to polluting China and benefiting the world. But even China's most inefficient coal-fired power plants can use the coal to produce 130 kilowatt-hours of electricity (a typical 1mx1.6m solar panel generates more than 250 kilowatt-hours a year) -- enough to make 2.2-watt light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs glow for 30 years at 12 hours a day.
(1) the energy distribution density of irradiation is small, that is, it takes up a huge area;
The obtained energy is related to four seasons, day and night, rain or shine and other meteorological conditions.
(3) at present, relative to thermal power generation, power generation opportunity cost is high.
(4) photovoltaic panel manufacturing process is not environmentally friendly.
Providing ECONOMICAL and REILABLE clean energy to you. We are a leading supplier of micro-grid power system and photovoltaic PID treating product. Contact us and get a free proposal today.

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