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Sintered Silicon Carbide Ceramics Desulphurization Nozzle

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Mechanical Parts
Country: China
Contact name: Jacob Zheng
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Company: Oustek Material Technology Limited
Silicon carbide vortex nozzle, AKA swirl nozzle, tangential nozzle, is adopted for exhaust gas washing, gas cooling, washing and bleaching process, fire prevention and extinguishing, flue gas desulfurization system and dust removal system. With high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance and other excellent performance, it is the key component of thermal power plants, large boilers, complete sets of desulfurization and dust removal devices.

It mainly includes hollow and solid cones(with unidirectional and bidirectional eddy current respectively). The swirl nozzle has the advantages of simple structure, uniform atomization and convenient operation, and has the characteristics of misalignment between the center of the ejector pump and the inlet axis. It sprays in a conical hollow circular ring. And the small-sized atomizing particle is free of clogging. The injection angles are 90° and 120°.

Oustek’s Silicon carbide vortex nozzle adopts isostatic pressing, net size sintering and mechanical finishing technique, it produces vortex nozzle with density up to 3.1kg/m³. Adopts silicon carbide for high-quality refractories with purity up to 98.5%, so the maximum working temperature reaches up to 1380 ℃ (2500 ℉).


Desulfurization and denitration of power plants and coal-fired Enterprises
Purification, cooling and defoaming of gas
Evaporation, cooling and dust control
environmental protection wet dust removal spray
Pre-treatment requires non-blocking spray.
Gas cooling
Waste gas washing
Fire protection and Application
Dust-proof application in steel and petrochemical industry

With porosity lower than 0.1% and atomization more uniform, it smooths the internal flow channel.
High strength, high hardness, wear resistance, density reaches 3.1kg / m3
High thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, high thermal shock resistance, high temperature creep resistance
Chemically stable, resistant to corrosion, especially hydrofluoric acid
High-temperature resistance, the maximum working temperature can reach 1380 ° C (2500 ° F)
Long service life and reduce overall investment costs

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