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1,053 USD
Action: offer
Category: Computers - Printers & Cartridges
Country: Indonesia
Contact name: Steven Jonathan
Contact E-mail: view
The Spectra® Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA Is A High Performance Inkjet Printhead Designed For A Broad Range Of Industrial And Commercial Printing Applications.Building Upon The Legendary Reliability And Performance Of The Spectra Nova And Galaxy Printheads, The Polaris PQ-512 AAA Family Of Printheads Uses Field Proven Materials And A Repairable Design To Deliver A Long Service Life And Consistent Output.
The Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA Printhead Has 512 Independent Channels Arranged In Multiple Rows At 200 Dots-Per-Inch Spacing For Single Color Operation, Or 100 Dots-Per-Inch Spacing For Two Color Operation. The Printhead Is Designed For Binary Jetting Using A 80-Picoliter Native Drop Size With 8-Meters Per Second Nominal Drop Velocity For Jetting Fluids In The 8 To 20 Centipoise Range. Using VersaDrop Jetting Technology, The Printhead Is Capable Of Adjustable Binary Operation At Drop Sizes Up To 150 Picoliters.

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