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We are professional producers of all kinds of chemical research products in the quantity you want. Our products Includes; 2CI, 2CP, 2CE, 2CB,...
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JB PRODUCTS has been established more than 20 years. We are committed to develop and manufacture the tableware which made from PC, Acrylic, PP, AS,...
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Yhao is a domestic professional production of gloves, socks, hats, scarves and other knitwear production, processing and export of the factory....
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Liner bags, big bags etc.

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Category: Packaging - Plastic films & Bags
Country: Ukraine
Contact name: Andrey Roenko
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ITM Group LLC is a manufacturer of soft polypropylene packaging.

For efficient cargo transportation our company offers:

- Liners in the sea container (Liner Bags);
- liners in gondola car, car, hopper, etc .;
- a soft container (Big Bag / Big Bag);
- Non-standard products made of polymer materials on request;
- soft container for liquid cargo (flexitank / Flexi Tank).
Main advantages:

- a significant reduction in the cost of packaging;
- maximum use of the internal volume for transportation;
- Simplicity and fast installation speed (installation);
- Increase the speed of loading and unloading;
- constructive changes at the request of the customer;
- environment protection.

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