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Top quality pneumatic sausage filler

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Category: Machinery & Equipment - Food Machinery
Country: China
Contact name: May Liu
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Top quality pneumatic sausage filler
1. Vacuum State: The filling process performed under vacuum state. Avoid fat oxidation and proteolysis, reduce bacteria survival amount. This guarantee a longer shelf life, brighter color and the pure taste of the products.
2. Auxiliary: Be equipped with automatic casing knot tying device that suitable for animal casing, protein sausage casing, collagen casing, etc.
    Connecting with sausage length controller to realize high-speed knot tying procedure.
    Connecting with double clipping machine to realize automatic produce. 
    The machine can link with auto sausage hanging machine and high-speed sausage length controller.
3. Each portion: 5g-99999g. The allowed error of paste product: 2g(400g).
4. Stuffing speed: can reach 500 per minute. 
5. Key parts: produced by machine center with high precision. All of pump, impeller and blade have adopted the special heat treatment technique, highly smooth surface, easily to be cleaned up. Man-machine interface, servomotor, decelerator, PLC controller are all imported products.
6. Vacuum degree can be reached -0.1Mpa.
7. Material: The whole machine adopts SUS304 plate. Unique exterior design and surface processing technique.
8. Blade: The machine adopts blades stuffing mode, material under vacuum state pushed out the material to the filling tube by the rotating blades to complete filling. Control the quantitification by the intersection angle.

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