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Address: 107140 Krasnoselskaya Street 5/1
Telephone: 7 9260028048
Fax: +74959124016

Category: Renewable Energy
Subcategory: Biofuel
Country: Russian Federation
Address: 107140 Krasnoselskaya Street 5/1
Phone: 7 9260028048
Fax: +74959124016
Moderator: Ganin Dumov Leonidovich
JSC SERVON TRADING is entrant in all types of metals, Mining, Petroleum Products, Petrochemical Products, cement, Agricultural Products, Commodities, Garments/Textile, Contracting, Shipping and Consultancy based in Russia. JSC SERVON TRADING was incorporated on 8th January 1980.

This company recognizes that the world in which we operate is changing, customer needs and tastes changes too. Consumers are increasingly bringing their views into their buying decisions, demanding more & better. We are trying to build our business by focusing on quality and improving our insight into the evolving needs and expectations of our customers. So we keep developing new products, improving tried and tested products and promoting better products. Our purpose is to meet the needs of our customers – to anticipate the aspirations of our customers and to respond creatively and competitively with efficient quality, service and pricing.

In additionally we are deeply involved with trading activities with our respected buyers from USA, CANADA, EUROP, ASIA, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA and MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES. JSC SERVON TRADING supply Minerals products, Petrochemical Products, Mining Activities and Commodities With our Branded Garments, Cooking oil, Essential Oil, Agro Based products, Food and Animal Feeds and Fertilizers.
JSC SERVON TRADING aim operation is to keep commitment with overseas clients internationally. JSC SERVON TRADING with the Mining consultancy provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services to foreign companies and individuals (clients) looking to set up operations.

Telephone: 7 9260028048
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