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Dr Wicron Melbourne
We package in Secured vacuum-sealed thus, very discreet 100%. STEALTH DELIVERY & Cryptocurrency payments only 
 Contact info: W!ckr...
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Automobile Service Centre is a complete car care centre offering professional Car Service to our customers across Dandenong and nearby suburbs. We...
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Peter Lemarrec
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North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration

North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 81-14 34th Avenue
Telephone: 2124614048

Category: Business Services
Subcategory: Incorporation Services
Country: United States
Address: 81-14 34th Avenue
Phone: 2124614048
"North Eastern Cleaning and Restoration - Affordable drying equipment rental
If you want the job to be conducted properly, after you had troubles with the flood, we can do everything for you very quality and at a very reasonable cost. Otherwise, if you want to do everything by yourself, we offer the drying equipment rental at the most affordable prices. Besides this, if you had troubles in your offices, we also offer a document recovery, so you can count on saving your most valuable documents if you call us. North Eastern Cleaning and Restoration isn't some cheap company looking to lower the prices and offer no quality along the way. We decided to provide the clients with the top quality cleaning services at a price that probably everyone can afford. Imagine that you need the recovery of your damaged documents, what would be the price you're prepared to pay if you know that they will be saved? Call us and check if we fit in that price!"
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