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Peter Lemarrec
28.12.2018 07:18

We are professional producers of all kinds of chemical research products in the quantity you want. Our products Includes; 2CI, 2CP, 2CE, 2CB,...
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JB PRODUCTS has been established more than 20 years. We are committed to develop and manufacture the tableware which made from PC, Acrylic, PP, AS,...
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ricky wang
Yhao is a domestic professional production of gloves, socks, hats, scarves and other knitwear production, processing and export of the factory....
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Adamant Valves

Adamant Valves
Address: 360 Goddard, Irvine, CA
Telephone: 9494078897
Fax: 9498126690

Category: Manufacturing
Subcategory: Tools & Equipment
Country: United States
Address: 360 Goddard, Irvine, CA
Phone: 9494078897
Fax: 9498126690
Moderator: Maria Wang
Adamant Valves Manufacture and distribute a full line of 304 and 316L stainless steel sanitary valves and fittings such as sanitary butterfly valves,sanitary ball valves, sanitary check valves, sanitary sight glasses, and sanitary unions, etc. They are widely used in the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industrial markets
Adamant Valves - members
Telephone: 9494078897
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