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Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd.

Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 8, Xihuan Road, Wangguanzhuang, Qinghe, Hebei
Telephone: 0086-31-8032626
Fax: 0086+319+8138918

Category: Manufacturing
Subcategory: Chemical Industry
Country: China
Address: No. 8, Xihuan Road, Wangguanzhuang, Qinghe, Hebei
Phone: 0086-31-8032626
Fax: 0086+319+8138918
Moderator: Kevin Feng
Hebei Shida Seal Group works closely with our partners to design, manufacture and supply standard and custom automotive weatherstripping, weather strips, rubber and plastic seals for vehicle body, doors, windows, hoods, rear compartments, and inner and outer belts that prevent water, air and dust from entering the vehicle and its critical spaces. Product keywords: primary door seal, car door seals, weatherstrips, secondary door seals, windshield weatherstrips, self-sealing weatherstrips, windscreen rubber seals, glazing profiles, hood seals, trunk seals, sunroof seals, trims and seals,edge trim & guard, fire retardant trim, decorative trim, co-extruded, trim seal, hatch seal, flap seal, lip guard, drip rail, rubber seal, fender flare trim, tubing & cord, locking gasket, extruded rubber profiles and seals, extruded shapes, u-channel, angles, tubing, cord and special shapes. flocked glass run channel, unbeaded flexible glass run channels, auto glass channels, door window glass run channels,universal glass run channels, several types of window glass run channel, flocked glass run channel(EPDM+Flock),coated glass run channel(EPDM+PU Coating),hybrid glass run channel(EPDM+TPE Slip-coating),TPV extruded glass run channel(TPV+ Slip-coating), unbeaded flexible flocked rubber, uncovered, rubber sliding window channels, window and body rubber weather-strips, rubber and plastic seals, solid rubber profile, sponge rubber profile, dual durometer rubber profile, bulb trim seal , edge trim, self-adhesive EPDM seal, co-extruded trim seals, EPDm trim seals, rubber edge trim seals, push on trim seals, bulb trim seals, trim seals for edging, push-on trim seals sponge bulb & dense rubber flexible steel wire core, push-on trim seals sponge bulb & dense rubber flexible segmented steel core, epdm rubber, rubber extrusion, rubber profile, rubber seal, rubber gasket, co-extrusion, weatherstrip, door seal, window seal, rubber strips, rubber sealing profiles, auto weatherstrips, trim seal, edge seal, rubber parts, extruded rubber part, rubber sealing profile, edge protectors,glazing profiles, glass run channels, edging profile,door sealing profile, sealing profile soft rubber, mono profile, finger guard profile, sponge rubber profile, special profile, sandwich profiles, injection moulding, corner radius, auto weatherstrips quarter window seals, EPDM rubber seals and gaskets, PVC extrusion seals system, TPE extrusion seals system, EPDM seals systems, rubber weatherstrip sliding door, sealing strip, door weatherstripping, rubber seal strips, EPDM self adhesive seals, EPDm foam weatherstrips, TPE rubber door window seals.
Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd. - members
Telephone: 0086-319-8032626
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